A rebrand for the bakery, Chew Chew Bun. The only thing we had to keep was the name and original menu items. Deliverables include, a menu, takout container and a Covid era deliverabe, for which I chose mini handsanitizers.


After being inspired by some of my favorite types of buns, Kings Hawaiian, I chose to rebrand Chew Chew Bun as a Hawaiian themed bakery located in San Fransico, California. I knew I wanted bright bold colors and I decided to focus on the plants and flowers of Hawaii. My biggest inspiration was the plumeria flower, which you can see in the logo as well as the shape of the menu. I knew a lot of people were planning on using seamless patterns, so I wanted to go in a different direction and focus on making and overlaying textures.

For my Covid deliverable, I decided to make hand sanitizers as well as a matching stand. During the pandemic everyone had a bunch of these laying around, hoarding them, stashing them everywhere from their bookbags to their cars. It acts as a nice gesture as well as a promotional material with the website and phone number on the label. I hand dyed each hand sanitizer bottle while getting pink food coloring all over my hands. I also painstakingly sorted the individual flower beads for hours currating the right color scheme for each bottle.