An unboxing experience for a dog frisbee subcription box. The pull out frisbee drawer can be reutilized as a reusable water bowl for your pet.


After being assigned the word pet, at first I was a little lost on what to do. I am not a big pet or animal person. I have two dogs at home but I’d rather take care of my plants. But I thought more about my dogs and how much they love frisbees. They destory them, and we go through them so quickly. We even hide them so maybe they’ll last longer. This led me to the idea of a subscription box for dog frisbees.

For the packaing I wanted to embrace the shape of the frisbee instead of just inserting it on a cardboard rectangle like current fisbee packaging. To make it a box that people would want to keep around I decided to make the pull out drawer double as a water bowl. The drawer is lined with pet safe sealent to last for up to 10 uses. Whether you are on the go, at the park, or in your backyard you have a water bowl on hand to keep your pet hydrated.


I ended up naming it Captain’s Catch after
my golden retriever named Captain.